Toca Race Driver 3

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Compete in exciting car races.

Toca Race Driver, as the name indicates, is now in its third part as one of the most famous car racing sagas. This time it has the most exciting races, new cars and, above all, a new graphics engine.

In Toca Race Driver 3 you have all types of vehicles on four wheels, from karts, F1 cars, 4x4s, even to family saloons, etc. Compete where the action really is, in the "World Tour," or improve your career as a driver in professional races. Choose the mode you like best and prepare to compete on circuits around the world.

The best feature of Toca Race Driver 3 is the new graphics engine, able to move up to twenty cars at once. But it is also great for the visual look, as you can see the cars in full detail, or for example, see how the car is destroyed in an impact, in real time.


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